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  • TELEVISION (partial list)

    Make Room for Daddy... Linda Williams 7 seasons
    Lost In Space...Penny Robinson 3 seasons
    Make Room for Granddaddy... Linda Williams 1 season
    Screen Tests 1 & 2
    High School USA
    Mr. & Ms.
    Scout's Honor
    Room 222
    Logans Run
    Love Boat
    Adam 12
    Toast Of the Town
    Make Room for Granddaddy Special
    My Three Sons 3 episodes
    The Ed Sullivan Show 2 episodes
    The Shirley Temple Storybook - Babes in Toyland
    The Chevy Show - Children Are People
    The Chevy Show - Ghosts, Goblins & Kids
    The Secret World of Kids Special
    The Danny Thomas Comedy Special
    The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
    The Dick Clark Special
    Art Linkletter Show
    The Red Skelton Show
    The John Forsythe Show
    Kelly & Company
    True Confessions
    Just You and Me, Kid
    Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    General Electric Theatre

    Lost In Space - the Movie...Reporter 1998
    The Sound of Music...Brigitta 1964
    Beyond The Poseidon Adventure...Teresa 1979 
    Lad: A Dog...Angela 1962 
    Dance With Me Henry...1956
    Something of Value...Caroline 1956
    Somebody Up There Likes Me...Audrey 1955


    Lost In Space Blu-Ray 50th Anniversary
    Guy Williams Documentary - Into The Night
    Fox Studios Australia: The Grand Opening
    The Moment
    Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen
    Lost In Space Forever
    Where Are They Now?
    Movie Lovers Road Trip
    Rogers & Hammerstein: The Sound of Movies
    Rogers & Hammerstein: Biography 
    Child Stars Then & Now
    The Sound of Music Children British Documentary
    Child Stars
    The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary DVD
    The Noise Behind the Sound
    On The Edge of Black and White

TALK & GAME SHOWS (partial list)

Numerous Talk Shows including:
Oprah, Good Morning America, Bill O'Reilly Icons,
CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, Australia 8 TV,
Today Show, The Talk, Good Day LA, MSNBC,
Leeza, Mike & Maty, Pat Sajak

Numerous Game Shows including:
Cake Wars - judge
Family Feud
Hollywood Squares
Dating Game


Adventures In Odyssey - Mrs Platt 2017
Ancient Aliens Companion Book On Tape...2017
Live Alert...2017
Soft 'n Dri...spokesperson...1973-1975
Close up Toothpaste...1972-1973
United Airlines
Bold Detergent
Schick Hairdryer
Post Cereals

Becca Gullion

ARTS & LETTERS Entertainment
Anita Haeggstrom
310.365.5485 cell
310.887.1300 office
Arlene Thornton

Karen Cadle
818 995-1048


Butterflies are Free
40 Carots

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