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    (partial list)

    Lost In Space (netflix)...Shiela Harris Season 2
    Make Room for Daddy... Linda Williams 7 seasons
    Lost In Space...Penny Robinson 3 seasons
    Make Room for Granddaddy... Linda Williams 1 season
    Screen Tests 1 & 2
    High School USA
    Mr. & Ms.
    Scout's Honor
    Room 222
    Medical Center
    Logans Run
    Love Boat
    Adam 12
    Toast Of the Town
    Make Room for Granddaddy Special
    My Three Sons - 3 episodes
    The Ed Sullivan Show - 2 episodes
    The Shirley Temple Storybook - Babes in Toyland
    The Chevy Show - Children Are People
    The Chevy Show - Ghosts, Goblins & Kids
    The Secret World of Kids Special
    The Danny Thomas Comedy Special
    The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
    The Dick Clark Special
    Art Linkletter Show
    The Red Skelton Show
    The John Forsythe Show
    Kelly & Company
    True Confessions
    Just You and Me, Kid
    Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    General Electric Theatre


    Mr. Christmas ... Granfdma Clark 2023
    Lost In Space - the Movie...Reporter 1998
    The Sound of Music...Brigitta 1964
    Beyond The Poseidon Adventure...Teresa 1979 
    Lad: A Dog...Angela 1962 
    Dance With Me Henry...1956
    Something of Value...Caroline 1956
    Somebody Up There Likes Me...Audrey 1955


    Lost In Space Epilogue
    Lost In Space Blu-Ray 50th Anniversary
    Lost in Space 25th Anniversary Tribute (1991)
    20 to 1
    Starz Inside: The Face Us Familiar
    Guy Williams Documentary - Into The Night
    Fox Studios Australia: The Grand Opening
    The Moment
    Ken Boxer Live
    Pioneers of Television - Science Fiction 2011
    Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen
    Lost In Space Forever
    Where Are They Now?
    Movie Lovers Road Trip
    Rogers & Hammerstein: The Sound of Movies
    Rogers & Hammerstein: Biography 
    Child Stars Then & Now
    The Sound of Music Children British Documentary
    From Liesl to Gretk: A 40th Anniversary Reunion
    The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary DVD
    When You Know The Notes To Sing: A Singalong Phenomenon
    The Noise Behind the Sound
    Best Ever Family Films
    The Ultimate Film
    On The Edge of Black and White
    On Location with The Sound of Music
    Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 2

(partial list)

Numerous Talk Shows including: Kelly Clarkson, GMA3,
Oprah, Good Morning America, Bill O'Reilly Icons, CBS News,
ABC News, NBC News, Australia 8 TV, Today Show, The Talk,
Good Day LA, MSNBC, KTLA, Leeza, Mike & Maty, Pat Sajak

Numerous Game Shows including:

Cake Wars - judge
Family Feud
Hollywood Squares
Dating Game

/NARRATION (partial list)

Adventures In Odyssey - Mrs Platt
The Bolt That Screwed Christmas
Elf Sparkle and the Special Red Dress
Ancient Aliens Companion - Audio Book On Tape...2017
Live Alert...2017
Soft 'n Dri... spokesperson... 1973-1975
Close up Toothpaste
United Airlines
Bold Detergent
Schick Hairdryer
Post Cereals - Life Like Linda Doll

Next Chapter Talent
Mary Therese
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ARTS & LETTERS Entertainment

Anita Haeggstrom
310.365.5485 cell
310.887.1300 office
Arlene Thornton


Butterflies are Free
40 Carots

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