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Scrapbook 3bedtime

In 1964 I met The Beatles during their first visit to the United States. I went to the Hollywood Bowl Concert, and the next day was invited to meet them. After loving their music for so many years the expression on my face says it all.

Babes In Toyland

Babes In Toyland
Babes in Toyland in The Shirley Temple Storybook. Believe it or not, Shirley Temple played the Witch.

Lad A Dog

Lassie and me at the Pet Awards
The Emmy Awards with Danny Kaye and Lucille Ball.


above: All in fun is Jay North from Dennis the Menace and Jon Provost from Lassie trying to dunk me in the pool.

right: TV Guide shoot with the kids on TV...

TV kids

Chevy Show

Chevy Show
Chevy Show
I hosted two specials for CBS taking over the Dinah Shore Show. Children Are People with Jay North and Jerry Mathers and Ghosts, Goblins and Kids with Jay North and Teddy Rooney. The show was a cast of kids singing, dancing,  playing instruments, doing gymnastics and whatever else they had a talent for. The first one was so popular they asked us to do the second one.

Chevy Show


Chevy Show
Chevy Show

Lad A Dog comic book

In 1961 during hiatus from the Danny Thomas Show I played Angela, the daughter of Carroll O'Conner (before he played Archie Bunker) in the film, Lad: A Dog.
I love animals and working with Lad and the puppies was a dream come true for this nine year old. I fell in love with this breed of dog and own a Sheltie Collie today.

LadLad A DogLad A Dog


Lad A Dog
Lad A Dog


Lad: A Dog is a story of a collie named Lad, who saves me from a rattle snake, gets me out of my wheelchair and able to walk again, and heroically saves the day during a fire. Peggy McCay and Peter Breck also starred. It's a great movie for the kids to see.

Mexican Lobby Card
LAD: A DOG is finally available in DVD
Lad A Dog

Lad a dog

Lad A Dog

My 3 Sons
I played Chips girlfriend in three episodes of
My Three Sons.


20th 2Mrs. Klamt 20th
20th 3

Mrs. Klampt was my teacher while I filmed The Sound of Music and while we were filming Lost In Space. Several years ago Bill Mumy, David Jolliffe Room 222 and I went to visit her. We have some laughs remembering our years together. (above) That's Bill and me in front of our schoolroom on the 20th lot with Howard Rice Room 222, Stephen Arngrim Land of the Giants and Darby Hinton from Daniel Boone.

After Lost In Space, I finished high school, went to college, traveled, modeled and continued acting in TV shows and commercials.  I also pursued photography, which continues to be one of my passions to this day. Though my schooling was not conventional it served me well.

charmin' chatty doll commercial


My Mom was expecting while I was filming Lad: A Dog and shortly after filming ended, my brother Christopher was born.


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