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LIS 1st Year
season 1
LIS Spacesuits
LIS 2nd Year
season 2
season 1
LIS 3rd Year
season 3

Wardrobe shot

LIS Wardrobe Test
Wardrobe test the first season.


Being cast as Penny Robinson was a character I loved portraying. Not only was I fascinated with the Space Program, but this was totally different from the kind of roles I'd played before. She was fearless. I loved her sense of adventure.

I grew into my teenage years on the show. The taller I became, the more inches they added to my pants until finally they gave up and put me in a mini skirt for the third season.

LIS Mr. Nobody

Some of the Lost In Space stories were really a stretch, but to me, anything was possible.

In 3 years Lost In Space became a favorite TV show to thousands of people who were swept away by the Robinson's adventures. Over the years it has never lost it's appeal to those imaginations it captured.

Standing in the tubes ready for take-off.

It was fantastic having
June Lockhart as my mother.

Mark Goddard & me

Mark Goddard (we nicknamed Crash West) kept us laughing on the set.

I enjoyed dressing up as a princess in the episode
Princess of Space .
Penny & Dr. Smith

Penny as a Princess

Will and I scream
We did alot of screaming on the show...

Bill Mumy
Bill Mumy as brother Will is still
one of my best pals to this day.
Marta Kristen
uh oh...turbulance...
Space Gals
Space Gals June Lockhart and Marta Kristen and me in those horrible 1st season space suits made of silver covered cardboard. By the 2nd season silver mesh was invented by NASA and we were delighted when our spacesuits were remade in the new material.

J5 and Penny
Remember...J5 and Penny?
Magic Mirror
the Magic Mirror?

Promised Planet
the Promised Planet?

Bloop lunch
I loved having the Bloop as my co-star, but he didn't like the hat
with ears that he had to wear and sometimes it made him cranky.

Season 1
1st season costumes were made of velour.

3rd season mini skirt and boots!
Behind the scenes
A cool behind the scenes shot. Going over a scene with Irwin Allen.

Sherry Jackson made a guest appearance on
Lost In Space
years after she played my older sister
in Make Room For Daddy...The Danny Thomas Show.
Mad Magazine
We were so honored when Mad Magazine did a spoof on our series called "Loused Up In Space" we had a picture taken of us as we appeared in the magazine.

Newsweek Family of 2000
We appeared in Newsweek magazine in 1995 as the
Family of the Year.
All 3 seasons of Lost In Space are available on DVD



LIS Trade Card

Trading Cards

Time to pass the torch...
Lost In Space the Movie.

Lost In Space - The Movie

Marta & me

The Lost In Space cast played
Family Feud for our favorite charity. We beat Batman!
This is the last time I would see Guy.

Guy Penny fly

Guy Williams
A visit to NASA was a treat for all of us. We were there for the Endeavor lift-off and enjoyed beans and cornbread with the NASA technicians and astronauts. We got a private tour of NASA and were told more than once how Lost In Space inspired the people who worked there. That was so cool to hear.


Veronica and me

While I was filming Lost In Space my sister Veronica
was filming Daniel Boone which was also filmed at the
20th Fox Studios.

In my Princess of Space dress on the studio lot.

Adam West Batmasn
Batman was also filmed on the 20th Century Fox lot.
Here I am with Adam West.
LIS group
We have had many reunions over the years

LIS Cast
TV GUIDE reunion shoot

Our reunion in 2011 was bittersweet having said our farewells to
Guy Williams (John Robinson), Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith), Bob May (the robot) and Dick Tufeld (the robots voice).

BluRay Poster

LOST IN SPACE Anniversary Blu Ray
will be available September 2015
with lots of new never before seen material.

LIS Reunion



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