SOM Travel Diary

My shadow portrait shot on Leopolstrom wall outside Salzburg, Austria
Over the years there have been many celebrations, premieres and memorbilia from The Sound of Music.
Here are some of those memories.

Angela's Sound Of Music Christmas Tour to Bavaria and Austria

Take a journey with me as I show you around Salzburg, Austria and tell you my memories of shooting the movie The Sound of Music. We'll visit all the locations in this beautiful city of Salzburg and beyond and I'll show you some of my favourite things... including Mirabell Gardens, Hohensalzburg Fortress and the amazing Christmas Markets in Salzburg.
We always have a great time... There will be singing!

I hope you will join me in 2021 for a once in a lifetime adventure View photos from my past tours CLICK HERE


On December 24th 2017 Heather Menzies-Urich passed away. Heather and I had made some amazing memories that go way back. From our Salzburg days, to teenage escapades, to marriages, reunions, life and deaths. She may have been ready, but I was not. Rest peacefully my friend. I sure do miss you my friend. .

December 3, 1949 -
December 24, 2017



In September of 2016, our beloved Liesl
passed away. It was devastating as we lost a close member of our SOM7 family.We miss her so much. Forever she will dance in that gazebo with the same gusto and joy she pursued in her life.

December 27, 1944 -
September 17, 2016

The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook 55th Anniversary edition

Available in the USA 2020 NEW Updated and Revised 2020 55th Anniversary edition of
The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook
The memories and photographs taken behind the scenes from this iconic movie.
This book is compiled of our stories...
our memories...our personal photographs...
CLICK HERE to order this book signed and personalized

AC Bowl2017
Kym Karath and I give the award to the best costume at the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long
Hollywood Bowl 2017
Selfie at the Hwd Bowl

Good Day LA with Kym Karath - June 22 2017
GoodDay LA
Good Day LA appearance for
the Sound Of Music Sing A Long

MARCH 2015

Our last photograph together

Vanity Fair 2015

Our Vanity Fair shoot
Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
Photographer Art Streiber
Vanity Fair Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair Vanity Fair
The Sound Of Music Sing-A-Long
Hollywood Bowl
- September 2015
The Sound Of Music Sing-A-Long
Hollywood Bowl
- September 2012

The year we launched our SOM7 website
The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook is released

SOM Group
left to right: Debbie Turner, Angela Cartwright, Duane Chase,
Heather Menzies, Nicholas Hammond front row: Kym Karath
, Charmian Carr

At the group signing of our
Limited Edition of the Scrapbook

Signed by all 7 cast members

Book signing
The Talk
The Talk

Booksigings in Los Angeles with
Debbie Turner


Samuel French Booksigning
In 2004 while rummaging through an old trunk I came across my scrapbook of The Sound of Music photographs that were taken by my Mom, Dad and me duringthe filming of the movie. I also discovered my original script, call sheets, notes and school papers from that time, not to mention a plethora of memorable snapshots. I talked with the other six SOM sibs and through our conversations we knew we all had an amazing treasury of never before seen items that captured a moment in time.
The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook was born.
SOM Book get together
In 2010 the seven of us gather together to talk about our book. We sift through hundreds of photographs. We exchanged memories and speak with author Fred Bronson who weaves our experiences together. The book is filled with our memorbilia, our personal stories and our home movies. We are very excited about the outcome. The book was released in April 2012. Look for a revised and updated version in 2020.
September 24, 2011
SOM Hollywood Bowl

Here we are at the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the
Hollywood Bowl, California
SOM 45 Anniversary on Oprah

45th Anniversary Celebration on Oprah
The real Von Trapp family perform on Oprah
JUNE 2009
Stowe, Vermont - The Von Trapp Family Lodge & Resort
Five of the SOM 'kids' dedicate a tree in memory of Werner Von Trapp
Von Trapp Families
The Von Trapp families gather after the dedication
AC & Maria vonTrapp
Maria Von Trapp
Dinner with Maria Von Trapp
Von Trapp Lodge Stowe, Vermont
with the tree we dedicated.
SOM 40th Anniversary
We filmed on camera interviews to be included in the
40th Anniversary Edition of the Sound of Music DVD

The Sound of Music cast reunites to celebrate the 40th Anniversary by attending
the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood.

New York City, New York - November 2005
40th Anniversary
Sound of Music Premiere

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary in New York City was lots of fun.
40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary - Today show

Today Show
40th Anniversary - ABC News

Los Angeles, California - February 2003
Facets of the Diamond: 75 Years of Best Picture Winners
As they honor Robert Wise.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Robert Wise
My Von Trapp Family reunite with Director Robert Wise to honor The Sound of Music at the Academy. It was a truly awesome experience to see the movie again on the big screen in a refurbished, pristine print. I have seen this movie hundreds of times, but once again it managed to sweep me away. This was the last time I would see Robert Wise.

Los Angeles, California - June 2002
Rogers & Hammerstein Celebration

With photographer Douglas Kirkland and the iconic photograph he shot of us
in Salzburg while filming the movie.


Salzburg, Austria - November 2002

Heather and I are asked by the Travel Channel to go back to Salzburg, Austria
for their new show Movie Lovers Road Trip airing April 3rd, 2003 on the Travel Channel. 
We were asked to revisit the locations where the Sound of Music was shot. 

It was on this trip I shot the photos for my ECHOES collection
of hand painted photographs.
You can see the collection HERE

SOM Travel Channel

We were more than happy to take a trip back to one of our favorite places,
and to be able to go together was so much fun. We took advantage of every minute,
returning in our minds to those memorable years.

SOM Travel Channel

How fun it was to visit the gnome garden
once again in Maribell Gardens.
SOM Travel Channel
Hellbrum Palace
Travel Channe;
SOM Travel Channel
SOM Travel Channel
SOM Travel Channel
SOM Travel Channel
SOM Travel Channel
Travel Channel
Those famous Do Re Mi steps

SOM Travel Channel
The Rock Riding School where we filmed the music Festival scene

SOM Travel Channel
The Govenors Palace
SOM Travel Channel
The wall outside what was the von Trapp villa
SOM Travel Channel
Hellbrunn Castle
New York City, New York - December 2000

Kym and Me New York
Kym Karath (Gretl) and I are invited to the 35th Anniversary Celebration for The Sound of Music at a the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the Waverly Theatre in New York City hosted by Ryan Seacrest (one of his first jobs.)

NY SOM cast
With the Broadway Sound of Music cast
October 30th, 2000
Salzburg, Austria
SOM Reunion

On October 30th, 2000 the seven Von Trapp Family cast members were invited to Salzburg, Austria to shoot a documentary for British television.  We would revisit, remember and experience the locations in which we filmed The Sound of Music and share our memories with each other and the audience.  You can imagine how excited we were, I hadn't revisited Austria for 35 years, and I had dreamed of going back to the places where we shot the movie. I wasn't prepared for the emotional feelings of being there with my 'family' from the movie, and remembering the incredible experience of making the movie all over again.  It was like being transported back in time.
We all met at O'Hare airport in Chicago, Illinois.  Nicky had flown in from
Sydney, Australia the day before and flew with  Charmy, Heather and I from Los Angeles. Debbie came from Minnesota, Kym from New York, Duane from Seattle, Washington.
Austrian Palace
We attended a party in our honor at the Residence Palace in Salzburg
with the Mayor and the Governor of Salzburg.
Here we stand behind a photo from the movie 35 years later.


After taking the Sound of Music Panorama Tour we had a laugh with
The Sound of Music
cow in Salzburg.

Sound Of Music British Documentary
This whole experience was one I am so grateful to have had. As an adult I could soak in the beauty of Austria completely, bond with my movie family even more, have an abundance of laughs and memories and appreciate completely the adventure I was blessed with so many years before.  The documentary aired in Great Britain.
Sydney, Australia, November 1999
Nicholas Hammond Australia
Nicholas Hammond & Angela Australia
Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich) and I were invited to speak at the
grand opening celebration of the new 20th Century Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. What a fantastic time we had. Nicholas makes his home in Sydney but for me it was my first time visiting there and I loved it.

Shirley Jones
Nicky and I introduced Shirley Jones that evening. who sang classic Rogers and Hammerstein songs
with Hugh Jackman

Australian Cast

I was invited to see the play
The Sound of Music at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney. Here I am with some of the members of the Australian Production.


New York
Here we are with the REAL Von Trapp Family, the MOVIE Von Trapp Family, and the Broadway Von Trapp cast. This picture was taken after we watched The Sound of Music play on stage in New York City, December 1998.
1st row: The Von Trapp Family from the Sound Of Music Broadway cast.
2nd row: SOM movie cast.
3rd row: Dennis Parlato as 'Captain Von Trapp', Rebecca Luker as 'Maria'
4th row: Six of the REAL Von Trapp Family 
Mozart Medallion

In December of 1998 the city of Salzburg, Austria presented the seven movie Von Trapps and the REAL Von Trapp family with the Mozart Medallion.
Heather & Me in the limo
Heather and me in the limo being whisked away to the theatre to see
The Sound of Music play on Broadway.

Brigitta Play Dress
Brigitta playclothes
My original script
SOM Script
US Magazine
US Magazine shoot

US shoot

We went to London for the release of the 25th Anniversary edition of the movie.

Los Angeles
The 25th Anniversary premiere of The Sound of Music

Brigitta Dolls
The two Brigitta dolls circa 1992 and 1998 by Madame Alexander.

The Sound of Music plates

SOM Plates


SOM Plate

Bazaar Magazine
Bazaar Magazine

A Harpers Bazaar fashion layout
NY SingALong

After the movie was released we did ads for Butterick sewing patterns.
I still have this cape, they gave it to me after the shoot.

SOM Travel Channel
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for my 2020 SOM Christmas Trip

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